If you’re reading this, you’ve taken an essential first step

You have admitted to yourself that you need something more

Calling a counselor or psychotherapist is a courageous act, your first important step to embark on a journey towards health, growth, and change. Understanding how you came to an impasse or stumbling block in your life and relationships will ensure you have an accurate diagnosis and point you towards some directions to consider.  You and your therapist will work collaboratively to generate a treatment plan that will address the essential aspects of your life: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the relational or spiritual. Temenos is of Greek origin, meaning “sanctuary” or “sacred space.”   Our mission at Temenos is to provide you with comprehensive holistic counseling and psychotherapy to make lasting change.


Temenos is dedicated to the healing and transformation of relationships: with oneself, in the family, in the community and in the world. Professionals at our center take a holistic and integrative approach to problems, encompassing the physical,the mental, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of living.


We offer a range of services including:

  • Individual psychotherapy and counseling
  • couples, marital and family therapy
  • relaxation, meditation, and guided imagery
  • group therapy, classes, and workshops
  • bodywork and massage


Here at Temenos in Cincinnati, OH, we guarantee that the therapeutic services provided by our knowledgeable and compassionate professionals will give you concrete steps that lead to a impactful solution to help achieve your goals and positively further your life path.