We have wonderful resources to meet your needs


Counseling and Psychotherapy

Whatever the modalities you choose, Temenos offers a positive and collaborative approach towards your work in therapy.  We know that pain and conflict are usual and often necessary for growth.  We will encourage you to question and expand your own thinking and feelings about the challenges you face. This new perspective  will open new paths to explore and  will require new skills to build upon in practical ways.

Clients at Temenos can expect a compassionate as well as an educated and experienced listener, who will help you clarify your problem as well as point towards your options for change. Change is a singular choice but not a solitary one. Your therapist will be along side you offering encouragement and support. You will develop both the skills and stamina to move ahead in ways you had not previously imagined. Change is something you actively create, not something you wait for.


Group Therapy, Classes, and Workshops

You can learn on your own and you can also learn by watching others. Temenos offers both open-ended and time-limited groups with a variety of themes including harnessing emotions for change, grief, loss and bereavement,  and parenting.

There are also a variety of workshops and classes available.  The Exploration Collective is a monthly class focusing on spiritual growth, with in-depth and practical practices as homework.  We offer a yearly Collage Workshop that is a favorite for imagining and tuning into the upcoming year.



The body and the mind are intrinsically interconnected.  The impact of massage and other bodywork modalities can help heal trauma and many other related symptoms at both the physical and psychological levels.  Sheila offers Muscle Activiation Technique which reduces pain, facilitates alignment and increases a sense of flow and well being.  Our staff often refers to expert practitioners in the fields of acupuncture, Rolfing, cranial sacral therapy, and massage.


Relaxation, Meditation, and Guided Imagery

Stress in inherent in life, there’s no escaping it.  Relaxation techniques, meditation, and guided imagery are wonderful tools for the management of stress and the reduction and elimination of many psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression. We know now from a decade of brain research that it is possible to train your brain to orient toward the positive by skillful use of imagination.  Like exercise works your muscles to increase and maintain strength and tone in your physical body, meditation techniques work the muscle of your focus and self-awareness.


Tune into and enjoy one of Victoria’s mini meditations, as a sampling  of this modality: