Who’s Going First?

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014

Easier and also a waste of time to wait for your partner to make a move first. Easy to calculate. Why invest before they do? Why change if they won’t? This is a recipe for mediocrity, gridlock and avoiding responsibility. It’s a race to the bottom of “I don’t care if you don’t.” It’s a way to be in a relationship you can’t get into or out of.

Why go first, invest, risk, change, be vulnerable when I don’t know if I’ll be matched and met.

The one who goes first does it because that’s the person they want to be. They don’t condition their initiative on what someone else does or doesn’t.

People in relationship rarely grow mutually, together, at the same pace. It was the kid who went off the diving board first, that challenged the others to take the risk and the plunge.

Someone always goes first.